Our Sponsors


We are pleased to continue our partnership with Virtue, who have become known for making the highest quality products in the game. Check out Virtue for virtually every accessory there is in paintball, including their flagship products. The Vio’s have become favorites of many top teams, and the Spire is the undisputed best loader in the game and praised for its durability, simplicity and consistent functionality.

Bunker Kings

We are happy to continue our partnership with Bunker Kings! Bunker Kings have been known for their paintball soft goods for years. They have perfected high quality construction, durable material, reinforced stitching, and pioneered stylish, form fitting gear like their paintball pants and the revolutionary strapless harness!


Tampa Bay Damage is ecstatic to partner up with DLX, the famous marker company responsible for the masterpiece that is the LUXE. DLX have once again raised the bar by crafting the LUXE ICE, which is built to be the most superior marker in the world, based on ergonomics, quality milling and parts, efficiency, technology and of course legendary accuracy!


Damage is beyond excited to of just signed with Anthrax! We have wanted to work with these guys for a while, as most of our players already raved about their athletic apparel. Anthrax makes the #1 rated performance clothing in the sport with their signature compression pants, shorts, shirts, and moisture wicking/dry fit athletic shorts and apparel for under your gear. They also offer a wide variety of trendy casual wear, with everything from shirts, hoodies, windbreakers and beanies to women’s clothing and swim wear! Look into their website or social media page to see how you can get your custom team apparel!