the story behind the franchise

who we are

In short, Tampa Bay Damage is Florida’s premier Professional tournament paintball team. The team formed in 2005, originally as Demolition, and moved up into the professional division in 2008, going through highs and lows, streaks of success and rebuilding seasons since then. We are a team of dedicated athletes and competitors, but more then that we are a collection of friends with the same passion, goal and purpose. We have all committed most of our lives to working hard toward becoming a consistent top team in the world, pushing and improving ourselves, and we have fun doing it! This year Damage will redefine itself with new fire and motivation. One team, one family, one goal, one point at a time

Major Tournaments since 2006
  • Fearless

  • Power

  • Teamwork

quick word about our sponsors

Tampa Bay Damage is proud to use the very best equipment in the game!
Wanting only the highest quality in markers, we are excited to shoot the DLX Luxe ice! We can’t wait to shoot the best on the planet, with superior technology, accuracy, ergonomics, and the most dependable quality engineering. We are also excited to continue our relationship with Virtue, who give us the unfair advantage of the most reliable loader on the market, and more vision for victory through the Spire and Vios. Shooting Apx, we enjoy an unfair advantage of shooting perfect lanes of paint that break every time! And we are pleased to wear the very best gear in the world for style, breathability, and durable manufacturing from Anthrax (jerseys) and Bunker king (pants/packs). We play very hard and physically, and these soft goods stand the most brutal of use and conditions and stand the test of time.